Why your meeting link is disabled?

If you find that your meeting link is disabled, it's likely due to one of two reasons. To identify the issue, simply hover over the help icon located near your meeting name for more information.

  1. No host is assigned to the meeting link:

  • If your meeting doesn't have a host, it can become disabled.

  • To fix this, go to the Members tab and assign a new member as the host.

  • Then, click on the MenuHorizontal icon and choose Enable from the dropdown.

  • This will re-enable your meeting.

  1. Disconnection of Stripe account:

  • Another common reason for a disabled meeting link is a disconnected Stripe account.

  • To resolve this issue, you have two options:

    1. Reconnect your Stripe account, then proceed to enable the meeting link.

    2. Alternatively, navigate to the meeting configuration tab and disable payment acceptance. Then, proceed to re-enable the meeting link.

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