Accepting payment online using Stripe for meetings

neetoCal integrates with Stripe, allowing you to collect credit or debit card payments when a meeting is scheduled. There are two types of Stripe integrations in neetoCal :

  1. Stripe Standard Payment: Charge clients for scheduling meetings with you. Follow these instructions to connect your Stripe account with neetoCal.

  2. Stripe Split Payment: This feature is for admins who want to split payments with service providers. Please read more about Stripe Split Payment here.

Setting a price for the meetings

Once Stripe is connected, follow these steps to set a price for the meetings :

  1. Go to the tab Meeting Links in the left sidebar.

  2. Create a new meeting link.

  3. Fill in the data requested in the tabs What, When and Availability.

  4. Click on Configure.

  5. Click on Payment.

  6. Enable Accept payment.

  7. Use the drop-down to change the currency. The new currency symbol will be reflected in your meeting link.

  8. Enter the amount you want to collect.

  9. Click on Save changes button.

Now, clients will be asked to make a payment before they can schedule a meeting with you.

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