Lead time

Lead time is the minimum gap between the moment a meeting is requested and when the meeting occurs.

Let's see an example. Imagine John has set a lead time of 1 hour. At 10 AM, he attends a two-hour company-wide meeting. At 10:10 AM, one of John's clients schedules a meeting for 11:10 AM. John cannot attend the meeting with his client since he is in a two-hour company-wide meeting.

Setting a proper lead time to avoid such situations that allow for sufficient preparation and awareness of upcoming meetings is advisable. For some individuals, a lead time of 12 hours may be appropriate. This means when they see their calendar in the morning, they can be confident that no one else can schedule a meeting for that day.

If you are a therapist conducting online sessions and are available at your desk during working hours, you might prefer setting your lead time to zero. If someone wishes to schedule a call with you at 3 PM and your slot is available, they can book a meeting for 3 PM directly.

Therefore, it is essential to determine your lead time based on the nature of your business and your preferred working style.

Here are the steps you should follow to add lead time :

  1. From the lefthand sidebar click on Meeting links.

  2. Click on the meeting link for which you want to add lead time.

  3. Click on the Where tab.

  4. Set the lead time.

  5. Click on Save.

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