Meeting Links

The purpose of a meeting link is to allow your clients to schedule a meeting with you at a convenient time. You create a meeting link. You set your availability hours. Your clients can then pick a time based on your availability, and you can have a meeting.

To get started, click on Add new meeting link the meetings page.

There are two meeting types that you can choose while creating a meeting.

  1. One-on-One: This meeting type enables individuals to book a meeting solely with you, as you will be the only host of the meeting.

  2. Round Robin: Please see the article on Round Robin for a detailed understanding.

The meeting links have the following restrictions.

  1. Uppercase letters are not allowed.

  2. Consecutive hyphens are not allowed to avoid links like "meet-with--me."

  3. The usage of these words is not allowed: admin, availabilities, calendar, login, logout, meetings, payment, scheduled meetings and settings.

  4. No leading or trailing whitespace is allowed.

  5. No special characters like #, @, $ etc. are allowed.

  6. Meeting links should not begin or end with a hyphen, like "-link" or "link-".

  7. Usage of hyphens or underscores is allowed to separate words in the link.

Point to note on uniqueness

Each meeting link needs to be unique so that we can identify which meeting is being booked.

If a meeting link has already been taken, you will be asked to choose a different one.

Links can be reused once a meeting is deleted. However, the link reuse is temporarily restricted if the deleted meeting has any upcoming bookings. In such cases, the person must wait until all the upcoming bookings associated with the deleted meeting are completed before reusing the link for a new meeting.

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