Popup via element click

To enable the neetoCal popup on an element click, you can follow these steps:

  • Determine the specific element in your web page that you want to make clickable to trigger the neetoCal popup.

  • Set the "id" of the element to the one you provided on the "Element Id" in neetoCal.

  • Add the script provided in neetoCal to your website. Note: The script does not add an element to your webpage. The above 2 steps must be done correctly for the script to work.


Let's say you want to add the neetoCal to your website as a popup when you click a button.

  1. First, add the button to your website. Assign an ID to the button, which can be anything you prefer. In this example, we'll use "popupButton":

<button id="popupButton" name="popupButton">Book a meeting</button>
  1. Now open neetoCal and go to the meeting you want to display in the popup. Navigate to the Share tab. Select the Embed option and choose Popup via element click.

  2. Now add the id popup button in the Element Id field.

  3. Copy the script provided on the right side of the share page and paste it onto your website.

    That's it! With these steps, you will have added the NeetoCal popup to your website, triggered by clicking the button.

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