Editing fields for a document

In the document builder page, we need to have fields for the client to enter data. It can be signature fields, text fields, date fields or even checkboxes. Since we have uploaded a normal document, the clients cannot directly sign at the appropriate places.

We need to add fields for the clients to enter data in the document. An important point to note here is that at least one data field is required for each signatory. Without this, automated document sending will not work as there are no fields for clients to enter data.

To get started with editing a document, there are multiple options in the right sidebar. Let's understand them.

  • At the top of the right sidebar, you should see a red dot with the text First Party. This is your signatory. Within neetoCal, your signatory is named First Party by default. You can edit this name to something of your liking by clicking the Edit button next to the name. If your document needs multiple signatories, click on the Plus button near the end and you can add a second signatory. By default, this signatory will be called Second Party. This name is again editable as before.

  • Below this, you will see some blocks named text, signature, date and so on. These are your data fields. You can drag and drop them at the appropriate places in your document for clients to enter data.

  • Once you add a data field for your signatory in the document, it will appear below the signatory name in the right sidebar. Here you can rename these fields to something of your choice as well as additional options related to each field. You also have the option to delete a data field from here. Please note that only the data fields of a particular signatory will be shown at a time in the right sidebar. To view the data fields of another signatory, select the required signatory from the dropdown at the top of this sidebar.

There is no need to save the document after you are done editing. it is auto-saved after each action.

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